Since we were here last...

I know it has been awhile since we posted anything on this lovely blog, so to let you know what we've been up too since we were last here...

  • The Gardner's came for Thanksgiving. Best. Time. Ever. We couldn't get enough of Christmas time at Bass Pro Shop. Why do we only get there when Uncle Eric is in town?
  • We made it to Utah for Christmas! Always so much fun to see our family that we miss so much during the Holidays.
  • Made it home to CoMo just in time for 10 Snow Days. We thought we'd never go back to school. Kept ourselves busy sledding in the backyard and cross country skiing down the middle of the road. Why doesn't Columbia own a snowplow?
  • Had an anniversary. 10 years! I married the Best. Man. Ever! Celebrated with our favorite ophthalmology residents in Florida. (Thanks to Mom for babysitting and being so pleasant about being snowed in for the duration of her visit)
  • We were so happy to see spring!
  • Elise went to the O.R. again, but this time it was expected - she got tubes in her ears. Instantly life became easier for us all...
  • Lived through the 13 year Cicada attack - the ensuing noise - and the gross smell.
  • Never tried the Cicada ice cream at Sparky's kind of wish I had.
  • Attended Kindergarten and 3rd Grade graduation!
  • Started summer school the very next day!
  • Jacob and I finally finished the patio in our backyard. He is seriously and amazing landscaper. However, we will never do this again!!
  • Excited to be heading out west again to see our favorite peeps!
Some pictures to keep you informed until I get some more pictures off of Jacob's phone...
This is Elise winter 2010-2011. This girl loves to dress up - in this moment she is the Little Mermaid, a ballerina, and Mary all at the same time!

Henry is a ninja warrior. He loves ANYTHING Chinese. He is certain he will go to China on his mission. This is his wise warrior bow. Love this boy!

Grace is loving school, excited to start soccer, and becoming quite the bike rider and jump roper. She is a party animal and we rarely get to see her on the weekends. :)
Elise loves dragging these chairs all around the house and making the kids ride her train. I think they secretly love it!

Next up: The backyard project


MO' Life

We have been busy playing hard here in MO. If anyone wants to join us, you know where to find us. Grace and Jacob enjoyed some daddy / daughter camping this weekend in the beautiful (mid 80's) weather. Henry played some soccer, and last weekend spent Saturday afternoon building a bridge across the stream above. Elise and I are busy hanging out, watering the newly seeded yard, and painting projects around the house (come see!). We miss you all.


Back to School

The kids were excited to head back to school a couple of weeks ago. Summer break was only 4 weeks long for us after the kids finished summer school, but that seemed long enough for everyone. Henry started kindergarten and LOVES it. Grace is in 3rd grade and gets to be out in a trailer this year so, "SWEET!" Life is good at the Brubaker house.

For those of you wondering what I do with all my free time now that my kids are both in school all day long - here is your answer. I try to keep Elise alive until everyone gets home at night. This is what she managed to do while I was blowing my hair dry. An hour later, with the help of a good friend here in Columbia, she was free. This kid is a wild one, but we love her anyway!


Grace's Baptism

Oh happy day! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. We were so sad to see you go.


Happy Fourth!

We had a great holiday weekend and hope you did too. These are some pictures from The Zou. We had great weather, enjoyed good company, and loved being able to see the fireworks close up! Can't wait for next year.


A preschooler no more...

Henry graduated from Preschool and started Kindergarten all within 1 week. He loves getting to go to school with Grace finally, and I love not having to drive him to school any more. These are some of the pictures we took on his last day at the high school. He happened to have the greatest teachers on the planet, in case you were wondering.


We've Been Busy...

May was party month for us. It started with mother's day and we didn't stop until Elise turned 2 at the end of the month. We had field trips, backyard projects, picnics, trips to the lake for some swimming and lots and lots of HOT weather. Life has been good! We celebrated Elise's birthday at Bonkers and had a great time. Those of you who know Elise will know this was a dream come true for her. Climbing, jumping, climbing, jumping, climbing, ridiculously huge slide, more jumping. Heaven I tell you! Jacob and I went with Grace's class on a field trip to the Nature Center in Jefferson City. We had so much fun hiking and hanging out with her friends. It was 85 degrees with HIGH humidity that day so we were all hot and sweaty and very glad to find out the field trip ended with a trip to Central Dairy for ice cream cones. Henry is finishing his last day of school today and will be off to Kindergarten in a couple of weeks. He is so excited. Tonight we get to celebrate with a BBQ at the park with all of his best friends from school. We hope you are all enjoying life as much as we are.


The Big 3-1

My favorite guy turned 31 last week! Now that his big test is done we feel so lucky to have him back in our lives. I could go on and on about how much I love him. He does so much for our family and is the best friend a gal could ask for.
Last night we went to pick up Grace from a Girl Scout camp out. The kids were asleep in the car so I sent Jacob into the lodge solo to retrieve the child. When he walked in this was the conversation that took place...

Girl Scouts coloring with Grace: "Who are you?!"
Jacob: "I'm Grace's dad."
Girl Scouts: "I thought you were Grace's brother."
Jacob: "No, I'm Grace's dad."
Girl Scouts: "What are you, like 18?"
Jacob: "Nope, I'm 31."
Girl Scouts: "No way, you look like Grace's brother..."

This is coming from 7 - 8 year old girls who think everyone is ancient. Not a bad way to celebrate the big 3-1. When is someone going to mistake me for Grace's sister?

Happy Birthday Baby Face!



Say Cheese!

Chuck E Cheese that is. Henry celebrated his 5th birthday in style at Chuck E Cheese and had the very best time ever!! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa who made it all possible.


Sometimes I feel like I might be the worst missionary ever. Jacob and I have been trying to come up with a family mission plan for the past month and it has been very hard to find a balance between being bold and not being pushy. I was so grateful when I was clearing out Grace's backpack this week to find a list of things she was thankful for that had been hanging up in the hall at her school last semester.

She is such a good example to me of missionary work. She isn't afraid to be honest about what she believes and what is important to her. It made me rethink my own efforts as a missionary. Being honest isn't being pushy. Our next step might be to let Grace write our family mission plan! I love my kids!!